M.E Engineering Food and Beverage Expertise

Food and Beverage Expertise

Clean design is the guiding principle which governs our work in food, beverage and additive process plants. M.E Engineering has had specific experience with CIP system design and construction, flavours and syrups for cereals and beverages, kitchen design for both continuous cooking and batch cooking. We also specialize in difficult to handle products such as tomato paste and orange pulp.

In Summary:

  • Sauces and condiments cold mix batch, and continuous inline cooking plant
  • Chocolate storage, tempering and transfer
  • Soft Drink Syrup Rooms
  • CIP systems
  • Flavour blending and dispensing
  • Pet food extrusion process
  • Spirit Storage, Cold filtering and Blending
  • Cereal Flavour batching and dispensing plant
  • Storage of bulk food additives, glucose, tallow, edible oils
  • Maturation and Fermentation vessels and piping manifolds
  • Lactic Acid Plant
  • Malt Silos transfer and dispensing
  • CO2 collection, purification and liquefaction