M.E Engineering Chemical Production Expertise

Chemical Production Expertise

The staff of M.E Engineering have extensive experience in process plant design and construction of both batch and continuous chemical plants. These include the chemical process design of resins for surface coatings, such as paints and inks, adhesive process plants and reactor systems for diverse products from cosmetics to grease, sulphonation, solvent extraction systems, biofuels and formaldehyde.

In Summary:

  • Intake, storage and dispensing of liquid sulphur
  • Scrubbing of gases
  • Batch and continuous reactor plant (dedicated or multi-purpose)
  • Bulk chemicals intake, storage, conditioning, batching
  • Dangerous goods storage, handling and reticulation
  • Powders mixing/blending
  • Automatic Wax Emulsion Plant
  • Shampoo and Conditioner Plants
  • Silicon emulsions
  • Napisan production plant
  • Manufacture of Varnish
  • Hazardous area assessment and documentation
  • Manufacture of synthetic resins for printing ink formulation
  • Liquid ink and oil ink plant design
  • Process control of batch – continuous reactors and blending processes
  • Dioxane stripping
  • Handling of enzymes (biohazard) in batching systems
  • Powdered detergent ingredients intake, blending, post dosing and packaging
  • Sulphonated detergent production (starting from sulphur and linear alcohols)