M.E Engineering Biofuel Expertise

Biofuel Production Expertise

M.E Engineering have extensive knowledge and experience in ethanol biofuel and biodiesel production. Operations completed in the biofuels industry have included ethanol stripping and concentration, and the process design of batch and continuous reactor plants.

Bulk chemicals intake, storage, conditioning and batching can all be included in the process design. Issues such as dangerous goods storage, handling and reticulation, and hazardous area assessment and documentation can all be managed by the M.E Engineering team.

In Summary:

  • Ethanol biofuel stripping and concentration
  • Scrubbing of gases
  • Batch and continuous reactor plant (dedicated or multi-purpose)
  • Bulk chemicals intake, storage, conditioning, batching
  • Dangerous goods storage, handling and reticulation
  • Hazardous area assessment and documentation
  • Process control of batch – continuous reactors and blending processes