M.E Engineering Expertise

Process Design Expertise

M.E Engineering provides services which range from total manufacturing plant operations including buildings, product process, services and storage facilities, to unit operations, upgrades and project management solutions.

Over our 30 years of experience in process design solutions M.E Engineering have collective knowledge of all aspects of the industry, from suppliers to product knowledge. Specific examples of our chemical engineering expertise in different process design areas include urea formaldehyde, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, brewery, and biofuel industries.

Our engineers are always prepared to apply this knowledge to come up with the best solution for your company’s needs.

M.E Engineering expertiseUrea Formaldehyde
M.E Engineering have been involved in the process design of urea formaldehyde manufacturing plants in Australia and overseas, including urea formaldehyde…

M.E Engineering expertisePharmaceutical
The pharmaceutical industry has very particular requirements in both the delivery and content of capital works. M.E Engineering has not only experience in the design and…

M.E Engineering expertiseFood and Beverage
Clean design is the guiding principle which governs our work in food, beverage and additive process plants. ME Engineering has had specific experience with CIP…

M.E Engineering expertiseChemical Production
The staff of M.E Engineering have extensive experience in process plant design and construction of both batch and continuous chemical plants. These include…

M.E Engineering expertiseBiofuel Production
Operations completed in the biofuels industry have included ethanol stripping and concentration, and the process design of batch and continuous reactor plants…

M.E Engineering expertiseOversize Vessels
By liaising between suppliers, truck transport companies and the relevant authorities we are able to transport oversize objects from dock to site…